There is a movie called The Room, which was written, directed and produced by and starred Tommy Wiseau.  It has been "hailed" as the WORST movie ever made, and has been subject to raucous midnight screenings across America rivaling The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  So of course James Franco, Dave Franco and Seth Rogen decided to remake it.  Or, actually, they decided to tell the intriguing story of how such a monstrosity came to life.  (The parts of The Room that they did re-make are hilariously spot-on). 

Tommy is a fascinating character-study of what someone with enough hubris, delusion and money can accomplish, and should be applauded for this alone.  The Disaster Artist does not pull any punches -- and Tommy does get punched, metaphorically, time and time again -- but you can't help but pull for the guy, and in the end you'll be cheering for him just like the midnight crowds.

This is the first time the brothers Franco have worked together, and they are wonderful.  James Franco is uncanny in his imitation of Tommy (he won the Golden Globe award for Best Actor for this role), and Dave's is endearing as his friend and motivational muse, Greg.  For me, their performances are made even more affecting when I step back and remember that these two are brothers in real life. 

DON'T MISS:  Stay through the end credits for a great bonus scene featuring Tommy and "Tommy".